Kate Spade Charlotte Street Gebruiksvoorwerphouder, 4,35 LB, Blauwe Gebruiksvoorwerp Crock

Brand:Kate Spade New York



Omdat elke maaltijd - of het nu een zelfgemaakt meesterwerk met meerdere gangen is of Chinese afhaalmaaltijden en cupcakes - een perfect mooie plek verdient. Zoals deze keukengereihouder met blauwe accenten uit de Charlotte Street-collectie, gemaakt van vaatwasmachinebestendig, duurzaam wit keramisch steengoed. Eet smakelijk.

Vaatwasserbestendig. Hoogte: 20 cm. Materiaal: Steengoed.
Assembly required No
Batteries required No
Care instructions Dishwasher Safe
Country of Origin China
Customer Reviews 5.0 5.0 out of 5 stars 55 ratings 5.0 out of 5 stars
Included Components One Utensil Holder, Three Wooden Utensils
Item model number 885892
Item Weight 0.96 ounces
Manufacturer ALL IN GOOD TASTE
Number of pieces 1
Product Dimensions 5.75 x 5.75 x 8 inches
Warranty Description For your peace of mind, all lenox branded products


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Scritto da: Amazon Customer
Sturdy. perfect size
Scritto da: Mlssmicky
Great look
Scritto da: Matthew Schenker
Attractive Addition to Our Kitchen
This arrived a couple of days ago and made an immediate, positive impression in my kitchen. My wife and I had been using a kind of ceramic vase to store our utensils. This is a nice improvement! Details below... PACKAGING AND CONTENTS The crock comes packaged in a thin cardboard box, with foam protection. Although this does a good job keeping the item safe (it arrived in perfect condition), I would like to do my part to encourage manufacturers to stop using foam for this purpose. It's horrible for the environment and inconvenient to dispose of. The package includes the crock itself, as well as 3 wooden utensils. It was all unpacked and placed on my kitchen counter in less than 3 minutes. APPEARANCE AND QUALITY This crock has a stately appearance. It's fairly large, which is great since it can easily hold all the utensils we need. The stoneware is thick and feels substantial. Its weight is good, as it stays in place on the counter. The coloring is simple but attractive -- bright white, with a few dark-blue stripes. Nice way to keep it simple but still add a dash of color to your room. The wooden utensils appear to be teak, and the wood has a nice thickness that feels right when using it. CONCLUSION This crock is made well, stores a good number of utensils, and it looks good in our kitchen.
Scritto da: datura2002
even nicer in person, roomy and attractive, and comes with the wooden utensils
This Kate Spade "Charlotte Street" utensil crock is actually manufactured by Lenox, and it lives up the quality of the Lenox name. The ceramic surface is even more pretty in real life than in the picture. I like the simple, brush-like band of blue stripes on the thick white cylinder, very French-looking, and the ceramic itself is luminous and flawless when I inspected the surface closely. When I ordered this I was thinking of giving it away as a housewarming or wedding gift (and it comes in gift-worthy packaging), but it was so nice that I couldn't resist keeping it for my own kitchen. It comes with the wooden utensils pictured, which I actually didn't expect. They are okay, but rather thick and chunky for their purposes, and not as well-finished as the crock itself. My only minor complaint is that the within the Kate Spade box, the inner cushioning was Styrofoam. I really don't like Styrofoam because some parts of it always get crushed and the little bits always end up sticking to everything and are really annoying to clean, as well as being not environmentally friendly. But the crock arrived with no damage or even scratches, so perhaps I need to overlook that because it did cushion the crock in shipment perfectly well.
Scritto da: TwinMom
Beautiful and Generously Sized
I have too many kitchen utensils and wanted a second utensil crock to hold the utensils I use regularly but can't fit into my smaller crock. I was surprised by the quality and aesthetics of this crock. Here's what I liked: -It came beautifully packaged in a pink Kate Spade branded cardboard box, which would be perfect for gift giving. -The crock came with three wooden utensils that look cute and lovely compared to the stuff I eventually jammed in there. -Very generously sized at 8" and has a wide mouth -Beautifully finished stoneware, made by Lenox -Dishwasher safe The only reason for 4 rather than 5 stars is that the list price on this item $60 seems to be quite high for a utensil crock, and so it appears that one is paying for the name of both Kate Spade and Lenox.
Scritto da: Xephz82
Nice utensil holder
This utensil holder is great for any kitchen. It is a kate spade brand which means it will be a bit pricier than normal but I would say it is great for holding all the utensils while ensuring good quality. The utensils themselves are great and I would say that they are pretty well built. They are prone to being burned so ensure that you do not put them on a pan edge for too long and only use them really for stirring or soup. The container themselves is a nice clay like container. It is very easy to clean and it looks great. It is fragile and one drop would shatter it. It can hold a few utensils I would say up to ten depending on the size. Overall I think this is a great utensil set and holder.
Scritto da: Mrs. Heter
On trend, quality and heavy
There's absolutely no tipping this crock over. It's heavy and incredibly thick. The blue lines are slightly raised giving it a handmade artisan feel. The instructions made a note to ensure no "standing water remained". So - make sure you aren't intending this for a vase or anything other than utensil storage. It looks amazing on my counter and is not the standard box-store canister. The box arrived beautifully packaged. I wish I would have taken a picture of the presentation. It would be a lovely wedding present because it's basically already packaged in a lovely pink box with the crock safely secured inside with foam. See pictures I posted for better idea. If you found this review helpful, please consider clicking "helpful" below!
Scritto da: Bottom Line Up Front
Very attractive crock for your kitchen
This is a very attractive crock for your kitchen. It's got all the features I would want to include being dishwasher safe. Quality feels great but it's still a crock and won't survive a drop. The utensil crock is a good size and big enough to fit all of my utensils, probably numbering 10. This crock replaced a stainless steel utensil holder that's around the same size. My biggest complaint with this utensil crock is its price. $60 is pretty expensive when you can find a good one for a third of the price. You're really paying for the brand name but I wasn't aware Kate Spade was a reputable brand name in the kitchen.
Scritto da: Ruby
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Scritto da: vmx94m
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